Photography has become more popular than ever and corporate photography classes are a great way to improve your firms creative and visual skills whilst offering a unique and innovative team building day.

Classes cover photographic concepts including composition, colour and framing allowing you to begin to see things ‘photographically’ before moving onto basic camera operation and post-production techniques.

We have given classes at prestigious companies including Clifford Chance, SJ Berwin and Google with participants amazed at how enjoyable and fulfilling learning photography can be. Throughout the day there are ample opportunities to put into practice what you learn on various themed ‘photowalks’ and then come together as a group to review and critique each other’s images. This process is fun, rewarding and invaluable for improving communication skills.

Corporate, professional photography classes can also be run over of a number of weeks rather than a whole day i.e. in a lunch hour, after hours etc. if this is more amenable to your company’s work schedule.

Lessons can be held at your offices or at various photogenic locations around Central London.


Ideal group size is 5-10.